Contact Gauges: Series 700

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Contact Type Gauges (Series 700)Applications
Contact Gauges are ideal in the applications which demands measurement and control of pressure by switching electrical contacts ON and OFF. This eliminates the need of separate switches for pumps and motors which gives audio or visual alarms. The small adjustable magnet mounted in the contact assembly, attracts the contact arm just before the set pressure value which prevent the common problem of arcing and burning of contact pins.

100, 150mm

±2.0% FSD

Standard Features

Pressure Connection
Bottom or Back

Bourdon Tube (Wetted Part)
Copper Alloy / SS 316

Copper Alloy / SS 304

White Alluminum with Black Markings

Bezel Ring

Over-Range Protection
130% of FSD

Bottom or Back

Threaded Entry
1/4", 1/2" BSP/NPT

Typical Applications
For Heavy Duty installations.


Pressure Element
Material: Copper Alloy/ SS 316
< 100kg/cm2: C Type
>100 kg/cm2: Coil Type

Aluminium/Spring Steel

Clear Acrylic

SS Case OR Die Cast Alluminium Black Finish

Contact Details
Single Or Double Electrical Contacts

Contact Rating
Voltage: 250V max.
Rating: 30W (DC), 50 VA (AC),
Current Rating: 0.75 Amp max.

Set Point Adjustment
By means of removable key

3 hole Surface Mounting Flange
With Clamp or Panel (Back Entry only)
Other Pressure connection Other Pressure connections