Utility (Commercial) Gauges: Series 100

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Utility Gauges (Series 100)Applications
These gauges are used where fluid medium
does not clog connection port or corrode
copper alloy for general Industrial applications
such as compressors, pumps, boilers,
hydraulic and pneumatic equipment,
healthcare industry,...

40, 50, 63, 80, 100, 150 and 250mm

±2.5% of FSD

Scale Ranges
Vacuum, Pressure from 0...1.0 to 0...700kg/cm² (for sizes 40 and 50mm upto 70kg/cm²)

Standard Features

Pressure Connection
Bottom or Back
NS 40,50: 1/8" BSP / NPT, 12mm flats
NS 50,63: 1/8,1/4 BSP / NPT, 14mm flats
NS 80,100,150: 1/4",3/8" BSP/NPT, 17mm sq
NS 250: 3/8",1/2" BSP / NPT, 22mm sq

Bourdon Tube (Wetted Part)
Material: Copper Alloy

Material: Copper Alloy

White Alluminum with Red & Black lettering

Back Direct
Back mounting with Panel(3 hole)
Back mounting with Bracket
Surface Mounting (80, 100, 150, 250mm only)

Liquid Filling


Pressure Element
Material: Copper Alloy
< 100kg/cm²: C-type
> 100kg/cm²: Coil type

Black Tin, plastic

Plain glass or acrylic

Bezel Ring
Black finish steel

Black painted steel
(Black plastic for 2", 2½" possible for bulk order)

Special Versions
1) Refrigerant Gauges with flare connection
2) Oxygen/Acetylene Gauges 
3) Ammonia Gauges
4) Special Dials (Non-Standard Ranges,
customer artwork etc.)